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El surgimiento de los pagos inteligentes

Machine Learning (ML) y la inteligencia artificial (IA) ya no son tecnologías de un futuro lejano. Machine Learning y la IA están haciendo la diferencia en la actualidad y mejoran los resultados de aceptación.

29 de nov. de 2018


Global Gaming Payments Report

The world of payments is constantly evolving. With technologies and players' expectations changing so quickly, it's important to stay up to date to increase player conversions. Worldpay's annual Global Gaming Payments Report looks into new trends, payment breakdowns for key markets and what's next in the gaming industry.   

1 de feb. de 2019


Informe de pagos internacionales 2018

Worldpay's 2018 Global Payments Report offers views on the evolving art and science of payments. Today's payment methods reflect the diversity of the world's cultures and economies. Our report details how we pay today - and projects how we'll pay in the future - globally, by region, and in 36 select countries for both eCommerce and point of sale.

15 de nov. de 2018


Your Guide To PSD2

PSD2 introduces legislative changes around the way the European marketplace and its merchants manage payments.

23 de jul. de 2018


Mobile Payment Journey

Creating the best mobile shopping experience for your customer can be complex. To shine some light, we asked mCommerce experts from the vast retail ecosystem to give their tips and best practices to remember when creating and improving your mobile payment journey.

13 de ago. de 2018