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Mobile Payment Journey

Creating the best mobile shopping experience for your customer can be complex. To shine some light, we asked mCommerce experts from the vast retail ecosystem to give their tips and best practices to remember when creating and improving your mobile payment journey.

13 de ago. de 2018

Upfront Information

With the huge increase in mCommerce it is important that retailers are aware of and invest in relevant technologies that facilitate a seamless payment experience.

Product Page

Optimisation of the limited available space is key in the mCommerce shopping experience. Utilising universally known icons, simple navigation, clear pricing and simplicity in the product content are all important factors to ensure an attractive product page.

Shopping Basket

The final stage in the shopping basket process needs to show a full transparent cost breakdown, with no further surprise charges to ensure trust with your shopper.

Instant checkout

Peter Mullins

Instant checkout

Provide instant checkout features for returning users in categories with frequent recurring purchases.




Peter Mullins

Shipping options

Display shipping options and charges based on basket content before the payment page.

User Profile

User profiles let the shopper save payment credentials to facilitate an instantaneous and secure checkout process whilst making the shopping experience more personalised. The user profile should consist of minimal re-entry of information paired with an easily navigable interface to appeal to contemporary consumer preferences.

Payment Page

Transaction security should be at the forefront of your payment journey. Reinforcement of security logos, hosted Worldpay payment pages and tokenisation of card details will help combat the large proportion of consumers willing to drop out of a purchase at the payment page if they have any security concerns.


Confirmation of a purchase is a key in building shopper trust. Communication preference channels vary globally so communications through the relevant means needs to be considered. Details of the purchase and payment completion should be clear and easily understandable as well as the ability to track an order.


Peter Mullins


Provide means to track or cancel orders either on the confirmation page or the order history page within a “User” section.

Terry Hunter


Swift communication following a transaction is essential. This should be personalised and based on channels the customer uses, as well as how they prefer to receive updates and notifications.

Laurent Christen

Delivery information

Provide a confirmation summary which is sent by email or text which thoroughly outlines delivery or pick up information, as well as return procedures for both options.

Laurent Christen


Order confirmations are tremendous opportunities to guide consumers through the fulfilment process or in-store pick up process. They also keep shoppers engaged after their purchase. Be sure to add featured products to confirmation pages and follow-up emails, and consider using "customers who bought this item also bought" products to encourage further browsing on mobile or tablet devices.


A simple and effective support process helps enhance brand reputation.


Maria Prados


Add a robust FAQ section to your mobile website and mobile app so the user doesn’t need to move from one channel to another to get the information they need.

13 de ago. de 2018