Informe de pagos internacionales 2018

The art and science of global payments

The Global Payments Report offers insight into the key payment trends today along with rigorous in-depth analysis of worldwide payment methods

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Informe de pagos internacionales 2018

Worldpay's 2018 Global Payments Report offers views on the evolving art and science of payments. Today's payment methods reflect the diversity of the world's cultures and economies. Our report details how we pay today - and projects how we'll pay in the future - globally, by region, and in 36 select countries for both eCommerce and point of sale.

15 de nov. de 2018

Trends highlighted in the 2018 report include...

China’s growth, boundless Opportunity

China presents a payment landscape shaped by consumers that came of age in a digital and mobile-first world. Mobile wallets dominate Chinese payments unlike anywhere else on the planet. Almost two-thirds of eCommerce and more than a third of point-of-sale spend in China is made through leading eWallets such as Alipay and WeChat Pay. We look at what this means for businesses serving Chinese consumers domestically and abroad.

Millennial diversity

Trying to understand the needs of the millennial generation is far too complex of an endeavor for simplistic answers. The first generation to grow up in a digital reality, Millennials are certainly demanding and tech savvy. Beyond their stereotypes, serving this market requires a much deeper understanding of how payment preferences differ across regions and cultures. We take a closer look as this generation enters their prime spending years.

The now economy

Consumers have long sought instant gratification of their needs and desires. The difference today is the increasing number of businesses capable of actually meeting those needs. From mobile shopping and ordering to delivery and every touchpoint in between, the Now Economy is transforming retail. Learn how evolving payment options like "buy now pay later" are rising to satisfy this accelerating trend.

The invisible touch of payments

The act of payment for goods and services continues to transform before our eyes. In more and more cases, that transformation is now becoming invisible. Smartphones were just the beginning. From connected cars that can pay for tolls and parking to cashier-less "just walk out" convenience stores, frictionless payments are elevating to art form. We examine the implications for retailers.

It’s all commerce

Consumers think in experiences, not channels. Commerce is spilling out of channels to fill the spaces in between. The days of organizing around sales channels are over. For retailers, serving the holistic needs of today’s consumer demands changing the channel paradigm. It’s all commerce means reimagining retail with the customer as the center of gravity. Learn how payments are at the heart of that transformation.

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Please note the microsite is in English, but the full report is available to download in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese or Mandarin from the site.

15 de nov. de 2018